Skunk Tales Trilogy Reviews

Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale, two of the three books in the Skunk Tales Trilogy series, are delightful and well-constructed allegorical fantasies. In Sebastian’s Tale, a stripeless skunk and his sidekick cousin, Willie the Weasel, begin a journey leading from ‘Pretendment’ to ‘Enlightenment.’ The paths they choose and the animals they meet expose them to numerous problems and solutions—bully to battle, decline to dementia, poison to pollution and corporate collusion—each threatening the very existence of the animals and their environment. Each problem, seemingly unique, eventually merge, giving Sebastian, his friends, and readers needed insight. With appeal to all ages, the fables tell a story of society that will fascinate readers as they peel away the layers presented by Weiss and begin their own journey into enlightenment.”


Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D., author of Fracking America, Before the First Snow, and other books

“Dylan’s inventiveness, verbal puns, and fast-moving plot with so much at stake keeps Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale exciting and entertaining for readers of all ages. The fables are rich in sensory detail and replete with LOL humor, melancholy and fear. Of the many animal characters, my favorites were Willie because he loved to eat, Frick and Frack, and Beauregard. The relationship between Abigail and DJ was so real and so sad, yet Abigail’s courage, determination and vulnerability came through in a way that will certainly resonate with adult audiences.”


Marat Moore, retired editor of the ASHA Leader and author of Women in the Mines

“What I loved most of all about the Skunk Tales Trilogy books is the possibility (and perhaps reality) of inter-species cooperation. We humans underestimate the potential for working WITH nature instead of AGAINST it. For me the most critical of Dylan’s themes is that all creatures and flora are being hurt by human activities which must be stopped if we are to leave a healthy environment for future generations.”


Iona Conner, Founder and Publisher, The Go-Back Club, A Simple-Living Brigade

“Both Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale are imaginative, fast-paced, and thoroughly entertaining stories of quests for enlightenment. Thanks to Weiss’s playful use of language, the books evoke memories of cartoons like Bullwinkle and the Pink Panther that our parents enjoyed as much as we did. Deftly woven into the story are difficult and important messages about the power of relationships and of society to see us through it all as we each make our own way toward enlightenment.”


Karen Feridun, Environmentalist and Founder, Berks Gas Truth

“Weiss has written two clever allegories for all ages. I read them with my son, who is in elementary school and he loved them. I would say that Weiss’ style is Beatrix Potter meets Watership Down wherein the theme of coming of age is explored through the lives of woodland creatures. More subtly, Weiss explores the moral problems and implications of the fossil fuel development as the Land Predators threaten the woods within which all the animals have their home. These important moral lessons about nature and community were not lost on my son. The book begs the reader to reevaluate their worldview, place within the community and relationship with nature. This whimsical stories could easily become part of a curriculum or a school reading list for Middle or High School students.”


Tara M Zrinski, Author/Illustrator

Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale are delightful stories told through an unexpected perspective, the eyes of animal characters. We live in a world today witnessing unparalleled environmental destruction and increased illness for which we hope to find cures.This creative, funny, yet educational, book will inspire the reader to get involved, help others promote good health, wellness for mankind and healing for Mother Earth.”


Maria Prascak, Artist

“In Skunk Tales Trilogy, there is a blending of how one person can make a difference when faced with a problem that affects us all. Told from the perspective of woodland animals, it entices and encourages all readers, to think about what we are doing to our planet.”


Dory Hippauf, Research Committee Chair, Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition of Luzerne County, PA

“If you are an adult, Dylan Weiss’ Sebastian’s Tale and Norton’s Tale are charming allegories with passionate pleas for a healthy future for all beings. If you are a younger child, this is a buddy adventure “peopled” with a variety of species going from one lesson to the next. If you are a teenager, you appreciate the idea of enlightenment and of being a part of a future crafted by heart and soul and intelligence. While the message is strong, the spirit is optimistic. There’s a “can-do” air about the characters. The story encourages collaboration, creative and critical thinking, and a moral obligation to the earth.”


Joyce Faulkner, Award-winning author of “In the Shadow of Suribachi,” “Windshift,” “Username,” and “Losing Patience”

“The first two books in the Skunk Tales Trilogy are delightful, adventurous and truly original stories. Reading them, for me, was like experiencing a new world in which I savored moments exploring! Just thinking about them makes me smile! I am waiting for Dylan Weiss’s next book!!!”


Maia Kincaid, Ph.D., Animal Telepathist, Author/Educator

Norton’s Tale and Sebastian’s Tale are reminiscent of Palmer Cox’s The Brownies or Tove Jansson’s charming Moomintrolls books. The books are optimistic, and intended to inspire. Strong environmental sensibilities are expressed, and there are many humorous sections as well. Children will love these tales, and they’ll finish them with heightened respect for the planet.”


Anne Feeney, Folk/Blues Musician, Community Activist & Attorney